We ship significant volumes every year, which enables us to offer you capacity, frequent departures and competitive rates. We also offer a vast choice of destinations from every major port in the world for both intercontinental and short sea routes.

Our team of experts would help you pilot through the complex port layouts, regulations & cultural norms to get your cargo from port to port. Incase you want a door-to-door pickup and delivery, we would combine our sea freight services with our air, rail, road solutions to match your requirements and transit times.

Freight Forwarding Services

Our Freight Forwarding services transcend every continent and every country. We are represented in the smallest of islands from Oceania to the Caribbean. We have one of the most developed networks of independent forwarders in terms of scope and reach. Our Freight Forwarding network is truly global and highly effective.

Highlights of our Freight Forwarding Services are:

  • Economies of scale through our attractive service contracts with prime ocean carriers.
  • Our vast global network with about 200 partner offices in more than 70 countries, where your merchandise is in our full control at any given time.
  • Our financial stability ensures that you can count on the safe arrival and certain release of your merchandise at the destination.
  • Assured space.
  • Complete transparency and visibility in information flow to customer through daily updates.


Buyer’s Consolidation

We offer a unique Buyer’s Consolidation service to our overseas partners and customers with a single window to global logistic services from consultation, freight budgeting, risk analysis, distribution management, warehousing to related logistics services.

Our range of services includes:

  • Liaising with shippers.
  • Monitoring & tracking of cargo based on purchase orders.
  • Cargo readiness updates.
  • Consolidation at origin.
  • Shipment planning & execution.
  • Selection of appropriate vessel window considering readiness of cargoes based on optimum utilization of space.
  • Hazardous cargo applications and approvals.
  • Single window contact point for consolidating cargoes.


Door Delivery

Being an integrated logistics services provider, Door to Door transportation comes easily to us. Our wide network of overseas agents helps us to achieve our transportation and logistics objectives.

  • A complete bouquet of logistical services to ensure cargo is picked from the door of the shipper and delivered to the door of the buyer / consignee.
  • Makes inventory planning easier for the buyer as predicting arrival of cargo is certain.
  • Single point of contact at both ends offering services to both shipper and consignee.
  • Regular and reliable flow of information to shipper and consignee.


Cross Trading

Our cross trading offers cover a wide geographical region. We offer very innovative cross trading services to our customers.

  • Correct switching of shipping documents.
  • Competitive freight.
  • Protection of customer interests.
  • Complete coordination between origin, destination and cross trading point.